Bahrain house rent and lease agreement

bahrain house rent
POSTED ON May 26, 2018

Bahrain house rent and lease agreement

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How to rent a house in Bahrain?

Bahrain house rent. Indeed every newcomer to Bahrain must know how to rent a house in Bahrain?

Certainly, all the nationalities can rent a house in Bahrain. For that, a legal agreement has to sign by the landlord and the tenant.

To begin with, the residential permit has to stamp in your passport. Normally the RP has to stamp in Airport itself.  Meanwhile, the health checkup has to finish which is depending on the visa type.

Thereafter, apply for an ID card called CPR (Central Population Register). Normally this work is doing by the employers themselves.

This CPR number is more important to make the lease agreement.

In between, the employer can provide a flat to their employee. In that case no need of CPR because the agreement is in between the landlord and the employer.

House lease agreement in Bahrain.

House lease agreement in Bahrain is normally for one year or two years. This house lease must have in stamp paper which is valid by the law of the state. Of course, this lease can extend to further period.

Be cautious while signing the agreement. There have fixed rent period and variable rent period.

Within the fixed period if the tenants change the house, the tenant is liable to pay the remaining month’s rent to the landlord. However, if leave the country no need to pay any rent.

Bahrain house search.

Indeed, Bahrain house search is now easy. For Bahrain house search, hire a legal estate agent.  Besides, good real estate websites are available in Bahrain to find a right house. For example, we have a good website. Visit  for flats | villas | office spaces | warehouses | factories | land | labour accommodation | staff accommodation and more!

In fact, there have houses with or without furniture. The rent of a house with furniture normally including electricity charges and Municipal tax as well. However, for semi furnished houses, the tenant has to pay 10% tax and power charges on each month.

For that, the lease agreement has to register with the Ministry of Electricity and Water (EWA). In addition a deposit has to pay to the EWA.

Bahrain house rent payment terms.

It is common to pay the first three months rent as advance when signing the lease. The next rent is due on the beginning of the fourth month. The rent is due in advance on every month.

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bahrain house rent
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