Coronavirus today news tips symptoms prevention

Coronavirus today news
POSTED ON April 5, 2020

Coronavirus today news tips symptoms prevention

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Coronavirus news, symptoms, tips, and prevention (COVID-19). Public awareness campaign.

This blog is about coronavirus today news, important COVID-19 tips, and how to prevent Coronavirus disease. Besides, it says about Covidvirus in Bahrain | Coronavirus in India, and Coronavirus in Kerala.

Coronavirus today news

Do you like to know the Coronavirus today news? Go to the link.

Note: The data are changing every minute. So data-accuracy may be different. However, there have continuous updates and the time will show on the result.

What is coronavirus symptoms (COVID-19)? 

Indeed, it is important to know about what is coronavirus symptoms? That is to say, that feeling of a headache | fever | difficulty breathing | cough, and tiredness as well. Indeed, a doctor only can confirm this virus fever.

The following table shows how is the coronavirus symptoms generally. 

  • Severe Cough of 100%  
  • Fever (100 degrees F+)  90% 
  • breathlessness  70% 
  • Sore throat  50% 
  • Aches and pains 40 %

Note: %s refers to the % of 10 major sources highlighting each symptom: WHO | Mayo Clinic | CDC | Harvard | NHS | HSE | Canada | JMA | BBC |AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) (Courtesy to NBC India).

How to kill Viruses easily?

Well. it is a normal question about how to kill the Virus easily.  Before that, we should know how the Virus is remaining alive. Indeed, the Virus is covered by an oily substance. That is to say, that Virus stays safely inside this cover. When the soap touches this cover, it will crack or burst. So the Virus will die within 20 seconds.

Meanwhile, note that any type of soap (for bath or wash) can use. Most of all, soap is more effective than other means.

A few tips for Coronavirus to stop spreading (Break the chain of Virus movement).

  • Stay in the home for isolation.
  • Wash the hands with soap for 20 seconds. Do it many times a day.
  • Social distancing. Keep away from crowed.
  • Minimum four meters distance from other people.
  • Try to use cotton towels that are easy to wash and reuse. Therefore, handkerchiefs are better than tissues.

Avoid touching the eyes | nose | ear and other sensitive organs before washing the hand with soap.

Is it to wear masks to stop Coronavirus? 

Mask is using only the Corona patients and the health workers who treat the patients as well. However. it is good to use a normal mask. The mask has to use only four hours. The used mask has to keep in a bin safely.

Note: Cotton masks are more useful. Because it can wash and reuse.

Coronavirus in Bahrain (Bahrain COVID-19). 

Certainly, the Corona fever in Bahrain is well controlling.  Indeed, Bahrain Ministry of Health is very successfully working to control Corona fever. Indeed, the health team and of course, the Bahrain Government itself is hardly and successfully working to keep the people safe in Bahrain.

Official information about Coronavirus in Bahrain.

Important information to Bahrain Residents:  Bahrain Government introduces an app “ BeAware Bahrain“.

What is the “BeAware Bahrain app”?. This app will notify you if you approach a location where active coronavirus case has to detect or close to a place where active confirmed cases.

In addition, this App will provide much other important information as well. To download BeAware app in your mobile Click Here

World Health Organization (WHO) update about Coronavirus in Bahrain. Read more, CLICK ON:

  • Total Cases 66,402
  • Deaths 231
  • Recovered 59,367

* Last updated: September 23, 2020, 13:22 GMT

Bahrain Coronavirus fever reporting.

For Bahrain Coronavirus fever reporting, call 444 if you experience any of the symptoms related to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Coronavirus virus in India (COVID-19).

Mr. Rahul Gandhi (Indian National Congress leader), has warned in February 2020 itself that the Corona Virus fever in India (COVID-19) will affect badly. However, it has not noticed seriously.

Hence, India officially takes it more seriously on mid of March 2020 when COVID-19 starts to spread in India. Whereas, India’s most advanced state, Kerala acts before that and avoid a large breakout of COVID-19 in India. Indeed, Kerala is the leading state in which more Corona patients are confirmed. Certainly, it is because most of the citizens in Kerala are internationally travelling all over the world. Besides, Kerala is combing the citizens with high rate tests.

World Health Organization (WHO) update about Coronavirus in India. Read more, CLICK ON:

COVID-19 INDIA News update on *  September 23, 2020, 13:22 GMT

  • Active cases   5,664,527
  • Recovered    4,603,424
  • Deaths    90,210

The Central Helpline Number for coronavirus fever in India (India COVID-19):  +91-11-23978046  and tel: +91-11-23971075

Coronavirus fever in Indian States and Union Territories (UTs) Helpline Numbers.

  1. Andhra Pradesh   0866-2410978    
  2. Arunachal Pradesh 9436055743
  3. Assam 6913347770    
  4. Bihar 104    
  5. Chhattisgarh 104     
  6. Goa 104
  7. Gujarat 104  
  8. Haryana 8558893911    
  9. Himachal Pradesh 104
  10. Jharkhand 104     
  11. Karnataka  104     
  12. Kerala 0471-2552056
  13. Madhya Pradesh 104    
  14. Maharashtra 020-26127394
  15. Manipur 3852411668     
  16. Meghalaya 108     
  17. Mizoram 102 
  18. Nagaland 7005539653     
  19. Odisha 9439994859     
  20. Punjab 104  
  21. Rajasthan 0141-2225624    
  22. Sikkim 104   
  23. Tamil Nadu 044-29510500
  24. Telangana 104   
  25. Tripura 0381-2315879    
  26. Uttarakhand 104
  27. Uttar Pradesh 18001805145   
  28. West Bengal 1800313444222, 03323412600

Coronavirus fever Indian Union Territories (UT) Helpline

  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands   03192-232102   
  2. Chandigarh 9779558282 
  3. Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu 104 
  4. Delhi 011-22307145  
  5. Jammu & Kashmir 01912520982 / 0194-2440283 
  6. Ladakh 01982256462  
  7. Lakshadweep 104 
  8. Puducherry 104

Coronavirus in Kerala, India

Coronavirus in Kerala (COVID-19) first confirmed on  January 2020

Coronavirus in Kerala, India spread more than the other states in India. However, Coronavirus in Kerala is well treating than any other Indian States and in the world as well. Because there have a Kerala Model Helth Care in the past many decades.

The good news about Coronavirus in Kerela on 03rd March 2020: Eight eight-year-old (88) Grandma and 93 years old Grandpa from Ranny has treated at Government Medical College in Kottayam and both are free from Coronavifus. The whole doctors, nurses, and other staff gave a glorious farewell and send them to their house in Ranny.

Indeed, in Kerala, the public health service is free for all people. That is to say, that the Coronavirus in Kerala is treating on free of charges for all including the foreigners who stay their now.

Above all, public medical care is free for all people in Kerala which is continuing in the last several decades. That is called the Kerala Model health service which is famous in the world as well. Highly qualified and dedicated Doctors | Nurses | Para-Medical staff | NGO’s and Health workers make Kerala model a big success.

COVID-19 KERALA – Daily bulletin from Government of Kerala. Includes all the local areas, Towns and Cities (ENGLISH and MALAYALAM) – Go to Website

In conclusion, the world as a whole now stands as one to fight against Coronavirus. Please be part of this war!

Keep away from crowed – Save yourselves and the society as well.

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