Warehouse compound rent Bahrain Sitra near BAPCO


  • Property ID BH-5017
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Warehouse Rent
  • Property Terms First three months advance
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Location Sitra
  • Land Area 2000
  • Land Unit squareMeter
  • Building Unit squareMeter
  • Price3,750 BHD

A full commercial and industrial compound rent in Bahrain.

Industrial compound rent in Bahrain. This standalone commercial compound is near the ALBA factory and the BAPCO as well. Compound with storage space and workshop. Option: Office and mezzanine floor.

A good option to rent a private commercial compound in Bahrain! Best privacy with control of entry by the public. Indeed, it is with heavy power load for light industries.

What is the size of this warehouse compound? 

This new industrial compound is with 1860 square meter sheds. Indeed, it is a private commercial compound with a surround wall and gates with a watchman room. Moreover, there have a watchman quarters as well.

Furthermore, all sheds are with eleven-meter height. There has three-phase electricity with a high power load. In addition, there has an option for office | pantry, and toilets as well.

Above all, this ready to move warehouse complex is with all fire safety protection. Indeed, it is with all approval for Commercial Registration (CR) as well.

What is the rent of this warehouse compound? 

The rent of this warehouse complex is just Bahrain Dinar 3750/- per month, which is the best rent rate in Bahrain.

How to use this private warehouse complex? 

Indeed, it is a commercial property and an industrial property as well. That is to say, that this commercial compound is for the use of storage and industrial workshop. Besides, it is a private commercial compound with restrictions for unauthorized people to enter.

In conclusion, this commercial compound is best for those who search for a warehouse compound to rent in Bahrain.

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  • A private commercial compound
  • commercial compound
  • Compound with four sides wall
  • Height Eleven Meter
  • industrial compound
  • industrial workshop compound
  • Near ALBA factory and BAPCO
  • Three phase power - High power load
  • Two gates
  • warehouse compound
  • watchman cabin with quarters


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