Warehouse with office and high power in Bahrain rent


  • Property ID BH-6753
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Warehouse Rent
  • Property Terms First 3 months advance + Post dated cheques.
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Location Sitra
  • Land Area 4100
  • Land Unit squareMeter
  • Building Unit squareMeter
  • Price5,500 BHD

For rent warehouse with office and heavy power load.

Large warehouse with high voltage power for rent in Bahrain. There has three-phase power with 275 kilowatts (kW) power load.  Warehouse with office cabins, toilets and open land.  The total storage space is 3430 square meters including the mezzanine floor. Usable as chemical storage.

Standalone warehouse storage with open land in BahrainLow rent storage space at BHD 1.600 per square meter, per month.

Warehouse with office rent in Sitra.

Warehouse with office cabins and open land for rent at Sitra in Bahrain. Besides the office spaces, there have 7 toilets as well. Total land is 4100 sq meters. Also, the ground floor is 2180 SQM and the mezzanine floor is 1250 Sqm.

In addition, there have a loading/unloading area and parking as well.

Warehouse with high power.

This warehouse storage is with a high electric voltage connection. That is to say, that the power load is 275 kilowatts. This warehouse storage is in an industrial area in Bahrain. Also, it is close to the highway as well.

Warehouse storage rent and payment terms.

This warehouse storage space rent is just Bahrain Dinar 5500/- per month.

The first three months rent has to pay in Advance. In addition, 9 post-dated cheques also have to submit on time.

In conclusion, this heavy power load warehouse is the best option for storage with offices in one place. Besides, it is good for large supplies all over Bahrain. Also, here, industrial products will get approval.

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  • 275 kilowatts (kW) power load
  • Loading/unloading area
  • Near industrial area
  • standalone warehouse
  • Warehouse near Highway
  • Warehouse with office/toilets
  • Warehouse with parking


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