Bahrain commercial land rent and industrial land rent


  • Property ID BH-3827
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Land rent
  • Property Terms First 3 months rent advance
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Location Alba Area
  • Land Area 15000
  • Land Unit squareMeter
  • PriceTBA

Looking for commercial land or industrial land to rent in Bahrain?

Bahrain commercial land rent. Open land rent near Alba factory. This commercial land is good for open storage. Besides, we can build other commercial sheds as well.

Build your own industry in Bahrain. Build different activities in one place. Moreover, mange all in one umbrella. Best offer! Long lease allowed.

Bahrain commercial land rent and industrial land rent.

Indeed, this large land has approval for CR.  Of course the tenants can apply for water and power connection. The land is in small plots of 3500 square meters. Total land is 15000 Sqr/Mtr. In addition, each plot has road access for large trailers.

Land rent.

The land rent is 750 fils per square meter per month. Whereas the rent is negotiable for large area to rent. The minimum lease period is one year. and can use for long period.

What is the other use of this open land?

In addition to open storage the tenants can build factory | warehouses | office | labour camps | fabrication workshops | scrap yard and for any other commercial activities.

Above all, this land is in industrial area. Easy access to the highway. 15 minutes drive to seaport and Saudi causeway.

Indeed, your search for Bahrain commercial land rent ends here. Contact us for a site view.

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  • A commercial land
  • An industrial land
  • build factory
  • build labour accommodation
  • build warehouse
  • Industrial area
  • open storage space



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