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Real estate property listings for rent and sale in Bahrain and Kerala. Warehouse in Bahrain.

Property listing. Properties for rent and sale. Warehouse storage, office, shop, house, land, and workshop for rent and sale. Properties in Bahrain and in Kerala India.

Warehouse rent in Bahrain.

Warehouse rent in different location in Bahrain. Indeed, we have warehouses for rent in many sizes. That is to say, that there have large warehouses for rent and small warehouses for rent.

Warehouse for storage, warehouse for food, freezer storage, and palette storage.

Warehouse rent on discount :

Big offer! Offer warehouse in low rent at Bahrain Dinar 2/- to 2.750 per square meter per month. This rent offer is only for a limited period. Call us and claim your low rent rate.

Workshop rent in Bahrain.

In addition, there has Industrial workshop rent. The light industry shed rent.

Office rent in Bahrain.

Office rent in many locations in Bahrain. Indeed, there has small office rent and large office rent. Open office and shell core office for rent. For example, office for rent in Seef Bahrain, office rent in Manama, office for rent in Adliya.

Shop rent in Bahrain.

Shop rent in many areas in Bahrain. Small shop rent and large shop rent. For example, shop rent Seef Bahrain, shop rent in Manama and shop rent in Budaiya.

In addition, there have large showrooms for rent as well.

Flat rent in Bahrain.

Flat rent in Bahrain. Apartment rent. Small flat rent, large flat rent.

Of course, there have semi-furnished flat rent and furnished flat rent. That is to say that, we have one-bedroom flat for rent, two-bedroom flat for rent, three-bedroom flat for rent, four-bedroom flat and a five-bedroom flat for rent.

Villa rent in Bahrain.

Luxury villa rentals in Bahrain. Indeed, there have semi furnished villa rent and furnished villa for rent as well.

In addition, there have a private villa and compound villa for rent.

Land rent in Bahrain.

Land rent in different sizes. Of course, there has industrial land for rent and commercial land for rent. Residential land for sale as well.

Labour accommodation rent in Bahrain.

Labour accommodation rents in many areas in Bahrain. A small labour camp for rent. A large labour camp for rent as well.

Besides, there has a warehouse for sale | villa for sale | apartment for sale and land for sale.

Property for sale in Kerala India.

Above all, we have properties for sale in Kerala India. That is to say that we have a flat, house and house plot for sale in Kerala.

In conclusion, Sams Properties Co, S. P. has a large collection of warehouse rent | workshop for rent | office for rent | land for rent | labour camp for rent | flat for rent and villa for rent.

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