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Coronavirus today news

Coronavirus today news tips symptoms prevention

Coronavirus news, symptoms, tips, and prevention (COVID-19). Public awareness campaign. This blog is about coronavirus today ...

warehouse storage rent

Bahrain real estate market rent falls down

Big news! The rent falls down in the Bahrain real estate market. Wow! It is ...


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This is a real estate property portal. Here we are publishing the selected and quality properties for rent and sale in Bahrain and Kerala.

Bahrain properties.

The Bahrain properties are industrial properties, commercial properties and residential properties.

That is to say, we present to you warehouse, workshop, office, land, labour accommodation, staff accommodation and residential properties.

Besides, we provide additional services to customers. That is business registration in Bahrain and obtain CR,

Are you new in Bahrain? Do not worry. We help you with best services in many fields.

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