General information about Bahrain and property rental

POSTED ON September 21, 2018

General information about Bahrain and property rental

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General information about Bahrain. How is Bahrain?

This blog shares a little information about Bahrain and common practices which is we hope useful for newcomers to Bahrain.

Bahrain information. How is Bahrain?

How is Bahrain? Many of the time our customers asking the same question to us. Most of these customers are far away from the Middle East. To begin with, this question makes me think to write a few lines about Bahrain. And of course about, how is Bahrain?

In summary and without any doubt we can say that it is a pleasant Island. Moreover, a good place to live in. Life is more enjoyable. And the most, people are more loving.

Where is Bahrain?

Where is Bahrain? The simple answer is that Bahrain is in the Persian Gulf.  The pinpoint location of Bahrain is that the latitude is 26.0667° N, and the longitude is 50.5577° E. The time zone is AST (UTC +3).

Bahrain is the third smallest nation after the Maldives and Singapore. It is to say that the total land area is just 780 square kilometers.

Bahrain and Dilmun civilization.

Indeed. The culture and civilization of Bahrain are as old as the third century BC. That is to say the country Dilmun and related Dilmun civilization.

What is the population in Bahrain?

As per the 2016 census, the Bahrain population is 1,421,235. Further, the 2010 census showing that out of 1.2 million populations the other nationalities are 666,000.

All the international schools are available here in Bahrain.  Also, the American | British and Asian curriculums are following here. For example, British | Indian | St. Christopher and Sacred heart schools are among them.

Which areas are good for a better stay in Bahrain?

Manama is the Capital City of Bahrain. Manama is a residential as well as a commercial place.

Most people choose to stay in the suburbs.  The main places are Adliya | Um Al Hassam | Seef | Zinj, and Juffair. The flat system is common in this area. Indeed there have villas as well. The average rent is Bahrain Dinar 350 to 1500 per month (For currency conversion, please use the tools in the top right side)

The Saudi bridge linking Bahrain and Saudi Arabia is on the eastern side. Here the main towns are Budaiya | Saar | Janabiyah | Hamala, and Jasra. In these cities, there have small | medium and large houses available for rent.

Luxury stays in Bahrain.

In addition, there have posh man-made Islands in Bahrain. One of the Islands is the Reef Island. It is in the capital city of Bahrain, Manama. A posh area in the city. For example, read the details of one of the luxury three-bedroom apartments in Reef Island for rent in The other one is Amwaj Island. Both of these Islands are more luxurious in Bahrain. Villas are in the range of Bahrain Dinar 650 to 1500 and above.

Above all, there have chances to take part in social activities. Almost all the nationalities have their own clubs here. They are conducting many activities. Besides, Bahrain television has English channels. In addition, Bahrain radio has an FM station for English music.

How to rent a house in Bahrain by expatriates.

How to rent a house in Bahrain? Indeed the first question to answer is whether the lease agreement is in your company name (the sponsor or employer) or in your name.

If it is in the company name, the company will take care of the rent deeds.

However, if you want to make the lease deed in your name, you must have an identity card (CPR) issued by the Bahrain government. In fact, this ID card is more important. Thereafter you can hold a rent deed.  (Refer to us for a solution).

What are the rent payment terms in Bahrain?

The common rent payment terms are that the first three months’ rent has to pay in advance. The subsequent rent payments are due to pay in advance every month. Hence a few landlords demand a security deposit equal to one or two months’ rent.

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In conclusion, this blog just presenting general information about Bahrain. Indeed your comments are most welcome. Moreover, you can suggest any corrections in this blog.

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