Manama office rent in Bahrain Financial Harbour


  • Property ID BH-2149
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Office rent
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Location Manama
  • PriceTBA

Bahrain Financial Harbour renting small and large office spaces and commercial spaces.

Manama office rent in Bahrain Financial Harbour. Small office spaces | large office spaces and commercial spaces for rent. The small office space rent starts at Bahrain Dinar 650 per month. Also, there are micro offices just for 2 people and above with rent from BHD 350/- and above.

Indeed, a unique blend of sea-view offices and city-view offices this skyscraper in the Capital city of Manama provides commercial spaces to high-standard corporate bodies and diplomatic offices.

Of course, to lease a commercial space in Bahrain Financial Harbour is a prestige. A kind of high reputation for the international companies.

While thinking of opening an office or a commercial floor or a Country’s representative office in Bahrain, the only choice is Bahrain Financial Harbour in Manama.

Manama office Rent and offers.

This 52-floor tower in Manama is a huge commercial centre in Bahrain. There are different rent structures available as a choice. Moreover, there may be good offers available as per the size of the office space. Furthermore, a grace period is also offered to the tenants. On the whole, the rent may have to say Bahrain Dinar 8.5 per square meter per month.

Small office space rent.

Small office spaces are about 50 Sqr/Meter to 200 Sqr/Meter. Some of these small office spaces are with furniture and ready for use. The small office space (Micro offices) rent starts from BHD 350 per month.

Large Office spaces in shell and core or office with furniture for rent.

Offices are available up to the 52nd floor. Indeed there are shell and core office spaces and hall-type offices.

The majority of spaces are occupied by large companies, banks, embassies, etc.

Shops and Commercial spaces for rent.

Besides office spaces, there are different types of shops for rent in this tower. Many of these shops are taken for restaurants, service centres and so on.

Most of all, there is a large parking area available for all. Here a large basement parking lot is kept for visitors. Massive public flow is there every day. However, the parking is free for 2 hours.

To conclude, we recommend this Manama office space in Bahrain Financial Harbour to all those companies in the world who intend to rent a commercial space in Bahrain.

Do you have an open budget? Call us for a meeting to fix with.

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  • City view office spaces
  • commercial spaces
  • furnished and unfurnished office spaces
  • large office spaces
  • parking area
  • Sea View office spaces
  • shell and core offices
  • shops
  • small office spaces




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