Warehouse rental at Ras Zuwayed in Bahrain


  • Property ID BH-2143
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Warehouse Rent
  • Property Terms First 3 months rent advance
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Location Ras Zuwayed
  • Building Unit squareMeter
  • PriceTBA

Industrial warehouse and workshop for rent with land at Ras Zuwayed.

Warehouse rental in Bahrain. Here the present warehouse area for rent is 12500 square meters. Indeed, this industrial warehouse is good for storage and for industrial workshop or factory as well.

Warehouses are in units of 585 Sqr/Meters. In fact, many units can combine together as a large warehouse. For example, there have single space of 1168 |  1750 | 2329 and 5600 sqr/mtrs. Above all, the 5600 meter warehouse is with 505 KW power which is good for industrial workshop.

Besides, there have approximate of 53 to 90 KW power load available in each warehouse units as well. This high power load is good enough for industrial workshop.

Rent detail of warehouse and workshop.

This warehouse storage or industrial workshop rent rate is Bahrain Dinar 3.200 per Sqr/Meter per month. Hence large warehouses are renting in low rates than the published normal rate.

Warehouse storage rent with Land rental.

In addition of warehouse rental, there also have land rental. This land is adjacent to those warehouses in the same compound.  Certainly, this land can use part of the above warehouses. Or else these land can use as an open storage space.

Warehouse rental at a glance:

Total warehouse area is 32000 square meter. However, the present rentable area is 12500 Sqr/ Meters. That is to say that most of the warehouses are now occupied for long lease.

How the industrial safety of men and material is keeping?

The floors are power floated concrete finish with Epoxy paint. The lintel is 4 meters height and 5 meters wide.  There have provision for future opening. The wall is with fire resistant blocks. Moreover the partitions are with 200 mm thick Gypsum board partition. After all, there have 2 hours fire rated with glass wool insulation.

In conclusion, there have no doubt that this industrial property is a good option to rent for Storage, workshop and production center.

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  • 40 feet container access
  • Close to Highway
  • industrial property
  • Large warehouse for rent
  • production center
  • Small warehouse for rent
  • warehouse with land rent
  • workshop



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