Bahrain warehouse rent with chiller freezer and normal


  • Property ID BH-4332
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Warehouse Rent
  • Property Terms 300 Dinar security and advance rent payment
  • Rent period 1 Month
  • Location Sitra
  • PriceTBA

Chilled storage, frozen storage and dry storage space for rent.

Bahrain warehouse rent. Warehouse rents as chilled storage space, frozen storage space, and dry storage space. Small and large storage spaces for rent. There have pallet storage | shelving storage and flooring storage.

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Besides, there have inventory management services as well. For example, loading | unloading | fixing label or tag | bundling | barcoding | sealing the pallet | wrapping many more other services.

Bahrain warehouse rent in different types.

Indeed, this warehouse storage space is good for different types of storage systems. That is to say that there have dry storage space | chocolate storage space | chilled storage space and frozen storage space. In other words, there has space for different types of products such as food | medicine | materials, and furniture.

In addition, there have normal warehouses for low rent.

Pallet storage.

Pallet storage is available in different sizes. Of course, small and large quantities can use in the pallet storage system. The details of the pallet storage space rent are as follows:

Normal pallet dimension is 1 x 1.2 x 1.5 = 1.8 Cubic Meters and 2.1 = 2.52 CBM.

Dry pallet storage at +24 degrees centigrade.

Chocolate storage in +16 centigrade.

Chilled storage in +5 degrees and 1.8 CBM and 2.52 CBM

Frozen storage in minus (-) 18 centigrade.

The rent rate for the above Pallet storage is Bahrain Dinar 1.200 to 2.700.  However, the minimum rent applies to 1.8 CBM. Indeed, the rent is negotiable subject to the area occupied.

Flooring storage space.

The flooring storage space is as follows:

The normal flooring storage dimension is 1 L x 1 W x 3 H. Indeed, there has an option for minus temperature | a/c and 24 degrees centigrade as well. The rent is in the range of  BHD 1/700 to 4.5 which is the best offer in Bahrain. Of course, the rent is negotiable for a large area.

In conclusion, this warehouse is good for small | medium and large companies and a good choice from Sams Properties, Bahrain.

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  • - 18 degree and dry storage facility
  • + 17 - 23 degree centigrade
  • +123 temperature
  • bar coding
  • bundling
  • Chilled storage space
  • Chocolate storage
  • Dry storage
  • fixing label and tag
  • food store
  • Frozen storage space
  • furniture store
  • inventory management
  • loading / unloading service
  • material store
  • medicine store
  • minus temperature
  • Normal warehouse
  • pallet sealing
  • Pallet storage
  • temperature control
  • wrapping



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