Bahrain open office rent at Seef – toilets pantry parking


  • Property ID BH-6150
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Office rent
  • Property Terms Pay first 3 months rent with 9 post dated cheques for the remain 9 months.
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Location Seef
  • Price425 BHD

Open plan office (Hall type) for rent at Seef in Bahrain.

Open office for rent at Seef in Bahrain. Small office sizes are 100 and 200 square meters. Large office sizes are 400 square meters and above. Open plan office (Hall type). Office with toilets, and pantry. All offices are with car parking. Large office rent is just BHD 3/- per sqm (American $ 7.90) per month.

One floor is 600 and 800 sq. meters.

(Bureau à louer Seef Bahreïn | Büromiete Seef Bahrain | שכירות משרדית סף בחריין | Cíos oifige Bairéin Seef | Affitto ufficio Seef Bahrain | オフィス賃料シーフバーレーン | 사무실 임대료 Seef 바레인 | Аренда офиса Seef Бахрейн)

Low rent offices.

The 400 square meter office rent with one CR costs, just Bahrain Dinar 1200/- per month. That is to say, that the rent is Bahrain Dinar 3/-per Sqm per month.

The 100 sqm office rent is Bahrain Dinar 425/- per month with one Commercial Registration (CR). Office with two toilets and pantry attached.

The 200 m2 office rent is BHD 800/-. (office with toilets and pantry).

The ground floor is with common reception.  Each office is with a central air conditioning system. Modern commercial tower with international tenants.

Bahrain open office spaces (Hall type office).

Each floor is with open office spaces. Indeed, all offices are with finished roofing. The flooring is ready to finish with tiles, parquet or carpet. However, we provide a ready office with cabins and partitions. This will cost more rent.

Office with toilets and pantry.

The 100 SQMTR office is with two toilets and one pantry. Whereas, the 200 (m2) office is with 4 toilets and two pantry options. Indeed, each tenet can make the facilities as per their interest.

Office with parking. 

Above all, all office has its own parking area. Indeed, there has open parking and covered parking as well. In addition, there has a large open area for additional parking for visitors.

In conclusion, this landmark tower is the best option for an office in Bahrain. Moreover, a cost-effective rental as well.

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  • An open plan office (Hall type)
  • Car Park
  • Landmark commercial tower
  • Large office 400 sq. meter
  • Near main Highway
  • office with pantry / toilets
  • open office
  • small office 100 sq. meter


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