Warehouses rent workshops and food storage rent


  • Property ID BH-2067
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Warehouse Rent
  • Property Terms Quarterly payment
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Location Hidd
  • Price425 BHD

Warehouses workshops and storage spaces for rent near Bahrain Seaport.

Bahrain warehouses rent in Hidd area.  Of course, these warehouses are usable as workshops | general storage | food storage and for fabrication works as well.

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Besides, the large area warehouses, there have single units of 120 | 360 |414 | 621 | 818 | 1200 |2400 and 7000 square meters as well.

This is one of the biggest warehouse complexes in Bahrain. Simultaneously, the heights of the warehouse sheds are 8 to 10 meters.

What are the rent rates and payment terms?

The monthly warehouse rent is just Bahrain Dinar 2.500 to 2.650 per sqr/meter per month. The rent is negotiable for large area leasing. Hence, the 120 square meter shed rent is Bahrain Dinar 425 to 450 per month because these warehouse are not renting on square meter base. However, the rent is negotiable subject to terms.

The warehouse rent is due on every quarter. That is to say that the first rent is due when signing the agreement. In addition, three post-date cheques have to pay to cover the reaming one-year rent.

Yes indeed! lots of choice for small and large storage spaces and workshops available here in this complex.

The finer details of warehouses rent:

Locate at Bahrain Investment Wharf (BIW) in Hidd area. Just 5 to 10 minutes driving distance from seaport and airport.

These warehouses have an approximate of 8 meter height with wide doors.

There have 40 feet truck access. Besides there have large parking area for trucks as well.

In addition, all these warehouses have option for mezzanine floor and office. Indeed theses offices may have to use as a registered offices for CR.

Workshops and storage spaces:

Indeed, these warehouses are suitable for workshop and storage spaces as well. The normal power load is 30 to 50 kilowatt. You can use it as industrial workshops like fabrication workshops or else for light industries.

Moreover, it is suitable for storage purpose. Storage includes food and general storage.

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  • 120 square meter to large size warehouses
  • approved security installations
  • Commercial Registration (CR) approved
  • eight to ten meter height
  • government approved
  • Heavy truck access
  • more power load
  • near seaport
  • option for mezzanine floor
  • option for office
  • three phase power
  • truck parking space
  • Twenty four hours security
  • wide door



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