Warehouses rent workshops food storage rent in Hidd, Bahrain


  • Property ID BH-2067
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Warehouse Rent
  • Property Terms Quarterly payment
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Location Hidd
  • Price430 BHD

Warehouse rent and workshop rent in Hidd near Bahrain Seaport.

Bahrain warehouses rent and workshop rent in Hidd. Warehouse with three-phase electricity and high power load of 30 kilowatts to 200 kilowatts.  These warehouses are suitable for general storage | food storage | Commercial kitchens | catering kitchens for food |  industrial workshops and factories. A few warehouses are with dock levellers. Hidd warehouse near Seaport and Airport. Also, option for a chemical warehouse.  Bahrain logistics property rental for supply and management.

View sample warehouse videos on YouTube:   (1) 350 square meters warehouse. (2) Warehouse 2172 square meters.

Normal warehouse sizes for rent.

Besides the large warehouses, there are small warehouses as well. The normal sizes are 120 | 360 |414 | 621 | 818 | 1200 | 2130 | 2400 and 7000 square meters. 

Rent and payment terms.

The normal warehouse rent is Bahrain Dinar 2/500 per square meter per month subject to negotiation on payment terms. At the same time, the 120 square meters warehouse is renting for BHD 430/- to 450/- per month.

The first quarter payment has to pay when signing the lease. In addition, post-dated cheques have to pay for the remaining rent period.

Warehouse rent Hidd near the seaport and Airport:

These Hidd warehouses are located at Bahrain Investment Wharf (BIW). It is just 10 10-minute driving distance from the seaport and airport.

These warehouses have an approximate 8  to 11-meter height with wide doors.

There is 40-foot truck access. Besides, there is a large parking area for trucks as well.

Indeed it is a logistics property for storing all types of materials including food storage as well. 

In addition, all these warehouses have an option for a mezzanine floor and office. Indeed, the offices may have to use as registered offices for CR.

Workshops and storage spaces with dock leveller:

Indeed, these warehouses are suitable for workshops and storage spaces as well. The normal power load is 30 to a large kilowatt. You can use it as industrial workshops like fabrication workshops or else for light industries. Also, it is approved for food storage.


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  • 120 square meter to large size warehouses
  • approved security installations
  • Commercial Registration (CR) approved
  • eight to ten meter height
  • government approved
  • Heavy truck access
  • more power load
  • near seaport
  • option for mezzanine floor
  • option for office
  • three phase power
  • truck parking space
  • Twenty four hours security
  • wide door



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