Office rent Hidd Bahrain with EWA.


  • Property ID BH-5270
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Office rent
  • Property Terms First three months advance
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Price280 BHD

Small and large offices and shops for rent including electricity charges

Office rent in Hidd Bahrain. Modern small office and large office for rent. This office rent is with EWA (Electricity and Water charges). Indeed, this multi-usable commercial property is approved for office, shop, display center and other commercial use. The shops are on the ground floor. 

Ready to move office. Also, we have large shell core office spaces for rent.

Ready office rent and shop rent in Hidd Bahrain.

These commercial spaces are in a modern commercial tower in Hidd. Also, there is open parking for visitors. Besides, an outside open area is also available for parking.

All offices are with centralized air conditioning. Besides, there are 9 common toilets for ladies and gents. Also, there is a common meeting room and prayer room as well.

The rent and size of the small office spaces.

  • 69 square meters shop and office rent is Bahrain Dinar 280/- inclusive of electricity charges.
  • Office 99 square meters shop and office rent is BHD 350/- inclusive per month.
  • Office 103 square meters rent is BHD 430/- inclusive
  • Office 107 Sqm rent is BHD 446/- inclusive.

*All the above rents are including electricity and water charges.

Large office rent in Hidd Bahrain.

Besides the above small office spaces, there are other large shell and core commercial spaces for rent.   Tenants can shape these commercial spaces for any use.

Although this commercial property is for offices, it is also suitable for large IT centres, or other networking businesses. 

Rent payment terms.

The first three-month rent has to be paid when signing the lease agreement.

Above all, this commercial property is just a 10 to 15-minute drive from Seaport and Airport.

In conclusion, this small office, and large commercial space are a good choice for those who are searching for a low-rent office and a large commercial space for rent near the Bahrain Seaport.

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  • An open office space
  • Fifteen minutes drive to Airport/Seaport
  • Large area for commercial use
  • Nine common toilets
  • Office rent including Electricity bill
  • Office with Central Air-condition
  • Office with common meeting room
  • Office with prayer room
  • Option for cabins
  • Showroom available
  • Small and Large spaces
  • Suitable for Large IT business


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