Bahrain bonded warehouse rent small and large sizes


  • Property ID BH-4963
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Warehouse Rent
  • Property Terms First three months advance
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Building Unit squareMeter
  • Price1,500 BHD

Bonded warehouse rent in Bahrain Seaport. 

Bahrain bonded warehouse rent near Seaport. This bonded warehouse is in a small size of 482 Square Meters to a large area. Best facilities include the provision of a mobile dock leveller for tenants. The rent is BHD 2.500 (American $ 6.63) per square meter per month.

Indeed, it is suitable for both material storage and food storage. In addition, an option to make a temperature-controlled store as well.

Bahrain bonded warehouse sizes.

This warehouse is close to the Bahrain Seaport. The minimum unit of the warehouse is 482 Sq. Meters. In addition, there have other single units in 970 and 1445 Square meters. Whereas, there has an option to set up large warehouses to combine together the single units.

This modern private bonded warehouse is a twelve-meter height. Moreover, there have an option for the temperature-controlled store, mezzanines floor, and office as well.

Also, have a free mobile dock leveller service for tenants.

What is the rent of this warehouse near the seaport? 

Of course, the rent is negotiable depending on the size of the warehouse. However, the general rent tariff is Bahrain Dinar 3/- per square meter per month. Please ask for the rent.

In conclusion, this warehouse in Bahrain Seaport is a good option for those who do business from Bahrain to the GCC countries. That is to say, that supplies of material and food.

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  • 482 Square Meters minimum
  • Close to Bahrain Seaport
  • Custom bonded warehouse
  • large store for rent
  • Mobile dock leveller
  • option for mezzanine floor
  • option for office
  • Option for temperature-control
  • Private bonded warehouse
  • Small store for rent
  • Store for food
  • Store for material
  • Warehouse close to seaport


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