Sitra warehouse rent for storage, workshop, food


  • Property ID BH-2423
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Warehouse Rent
  • Property Terms First 3 months rent advance. 9 Months post date cheques
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Location Sitra
  • Address

  • Building Unit squareMeter
  • Price750 BHD

Industrial warehouse and workshop in Sitra, Bahrain.

Sitra warehouse and industrial workshop for rent near BAPCO. Warehouse and workshop approved by BAPCO (Bahrain Petroleum Company) and ALBA.  The warehouse units are 305, 360, 430,  600 and 900 square meters and above. Warehouse for industrial workshop | storage of material | food storage and food process. Low-rent warehouse at BHD 2.400 per sqm per month. Three-phase power with 25 kW power load.

These warehouses are in 11-meter height. Also, there is an option for the Mezzanine floor, office, pantry, and toilets. Besides, the minimum warehouse size is a Width of 23.20 M x a Length of 13 M. 

Warehouse rent and payment terms?

The rent is just Bahrain Dinar 2.400 per square meter per month. That is to say, the total rent for 305 SQM units is BHD 750/month. However, if lease more area, the rent is negotiable to a certain extent.

The first quarter rent has to pay when signing the lease agreement.  The balance of rent has to pay in advance as post-dated cheques.

Storage space for rent near BAPCO / ALBA.

This warehouse is good for storage. It’s height and high standard flooring makes it suitable for heavy racking. Therefore, the maximum area can use as storage.

Also, this warehouse may have to be used for general storage | food storage | workshop and light industries.

Besides, the height of the warehouse is about ten to eleven M, which helps to make a mezzanine floor as well.

Industrial workshop rent near ALBA in Maameer.

Indeed, this warehouse can use as an industrial workshop as well. The normal power load for each warehouse is 25 Kilowatts.

In addition, it can use for Carpentry workshops | fabrication workshops and light industry workshops. Here also the building structure is more suitable for workshops.

Food store rent in Sitra.

Similarly, this shed is more apt for food processors and storage. That is to say, this warehouse is good for food production as well as for storage. Moreover, this warehouse can change to a temperature-controlled store as well.

Above all, there have 40 feet of container access and 24-hour security with CC TV. Besides, this warehouse is in a very quiet and highly secured VIP area.

In conclusion, this industrial property is with full fire safety and is approved by BAPCO / ALBA and the Ministry as well.


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  • An industrial / commercial space Approved by Bapco
  • Approval for Commercial Registration (CR)
  • Bapco approved
  • CC TV coverage
  • certified by Ministry
  • Fire safety measure
  • Heavy truck access
  • Height 10 - 11 meter
  • option for office
  • Secured area
  • smoke detector fitted
  • Twenty four hour security



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