Bahrain lease agreement and commercial property rent

bahrain lease agreement
POSTED ON October 3, 2020

Bahrain lease agreement and commercial property rent

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How to rent a warehouse or comercial property in Bahrain?

This blog explains about Bahrain lease agreement and how to choose a commercial property or industrial property for rent in Bahrain. Also, about the lease agreement and it’s legally binding.

Bahrain industrial property | commercial property and storage spaces are in many classifications. First of all, we have to decide what is our need or use? How many square meters are in need? Which location is suitable? What is the rent per square meter per month? Is the property is with proper approval by Ministry?

Classification of industrial property in Bahrain.

Generally, in Bahrain, the warehouses are classified to use for storage, industrial workshop, light industry and heavy industry. Besides, there has sub-classification for food, material and chemical use as well.

That is to say, that there have separate warehouses for a food store and process | material process and store | and chemical process and store.  Above all, the unsafe chemicals and heavy industry, there have specials location or area point out by the Ministry. It means that we have to consider to lease a warehouse or space as per the guideline of the government.

Power load and power availability. 

Also, we have to check the power load. All the warehouses are not with sufficient power. If we use two or three ACS or more inside the shed, we need a minimum of three-phase power.

It is not easy to upgrade the present power. Many cases, to upgrade the present power load is impossible. Besides, to upgrade the present power is more expensive and time-consuming as well.

However,  more power load needs for industrial workshops, processing units and factories. Normally, we provide 10 KW, 25 KW, 100 KVA, 500 Amps and more.

Bahrain lease agreement for an industrial and commercial property.

The Bahrain lease agreement for the industrial and commercial property should be in a stamp paper. There have a ready-made lease agreement and blank lease agreement paper in the market to buy. The ready-made lease agreement is pre-printed and we have just to fill the columns. To view a blank lease agreement photo, please click here.

The lease agreement has two factors. One is a fixed leas period and the other one is a variable lease period. In fact, if a tenant leaves the property within the fixed lease period, the tenant is liable to pay the remaining months rent. However, in every lease agreement, there may have to mention a termination notice time after the fixed lease period.

Normally, the agreement is for two years with one year fixed lease time.

Before signing the agreement, we must have to ask the address card of the property from the landlord. This address card will mention about the use of that warehouse. Besides, we have to cross-check the address card with our CR activities to make sure that this warehouse will get approval.

Make sure that the warehouse is with fire safety and accept by the Civil Defense Force as well. If you make any major alteration inside the warehouse, we need special approval from the CDF. Here we need an engineering consultant service. Indeed, we are providing it for our customers.

Warning! Once the lease agreement sign and rent paid, most of the landlords will not pay back the money. Therefore, the above steps must have to follow before signing a lease agreement to save ourselves.

Wish you a smooth business time in Bahrain!

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