Bahrain real estate market rent falls down

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POSTED ON September 21, 2019

Bahrain real estate market rent falls down

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Big news! The rent falls down in the Bahrain real estate market.

Wow! It is true! Bahrain real estate market rent falls down. The rent falls down for warehouses and workshops in Bahrain.

The rent falls down for commercial properties.

Now the commercial properties and industrial properties are showing a downward trend.

in the Bahrain Market. That is to say, that the demand for industrial property (warehouses and industrial workshops) comes down and availability is more.

How rent falls affect the Bahrain market?

The general trend in Bahrain’s industrial property rental-market now is that the people are leaving the high rent warehouse and workshops and moving to the fewer cost properties.

For example, many of the warehouses are early leased for Bahrain Dinar 3 to 5 per sq. meter per month. Hence, the average rent in the present market is just BHD 2.5 to BHD 2.750 per square meter.

Indeed, there have large industrial sheds that are now renting even for BHD 2 per Sq. Meter per month.

How to benefits this rent fall? 

Leave your present commercial property and industrial property now. Choose a property that is in low rent. Just call us now!

Or else, visit the following website and find the right property:

Rent falls will not last for a long period. So this is the right time to act.

In conclusion, it is a good chance to encash the present recession. It is cost-effective and reduces a lot the yearly expense. In addition, a tax of 10% per month also will reduce a lot.

A few properties as a sample:

Shed for storage and light industry | Small and large warehouse and workshop in low rent BHD 2.5 to 2.750 per square meter/month  | Storage 6000 m2 for rent BHD 2 per square meter | Warehouse for sale and rent | Minimum 300 Sq. meter and above for BHD 2.630 per m2/month |

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