Bahrain first class restaurant rent Adliya 338 with bar


  • Property ID BH-4287
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Restaurant
  • Property Terms First three months rent advance
  • Rent period 2 Years
  • Location Adliya
  • Address Adliya 338

  • Building Unit squareMeter
  • PriceTBA

Restaurant for rent in Adliya 338 with bar license. Best offer!

Bahrain first class restaurant for rent in Adliya 338. This restaurant is with Bar and Shisha (Hookah) license. The single restaurant space is 480 square meters. The Best offer for a better business in Bahrain.

Indeed, there have options for shell core restaurants and furnished restaurants as well.

Bahrain first class restaurant rent. Bar restaurant and shisha restaurant.

First of all, the location is an important factor. It is in Adliya 338 which is just for food and beverage shops in Bahrain.  Moreover, the Adliya restaurant complex is close to the Gulf Hotel as well. Two-storey building. The total area is 480 sqr/meter. The ground floor is around 248 Sqr/ Meter. Besides, there has wide terrace space available for roof parties.

As the space is in City, there has good access from all over Bahrain. Most of the executives and their guests are visiting these areas for food and meetings.

After all, there has a large parking area for customers. That is to say that around two hundred vehicles may have to park at a time.

Adliya restaurant rent and payment terms.

Restaurant rent is just Bahrain Dinar 6000 per month. Of course, the space with full furnishing cost BHD 9000 per month as well. Indeed, this rent rate is fair enough in this area.

In between, most of the tenants in nearby five-star hotels are coming here for food | beverage and shisha. Indeed, the customers visiting here are from different countries. Therefore, the demand for Western | Eastern and Arabic foods is much more here.

In conclusion, this bar restaurant is the best option for branded shops. Here, the weekends are live with bands | live Music | DJ and dance. The last but not least, getting a shop for rent is very rare in Adliya.

Indeed it is the right choice for the right people. Serve with pleasure! Earn with pride! 

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