Forty-five-room labour-camp rent near the Alba Bahrain


  • Property ID BH-5302
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Accommodation rent
  • Property Terms First three months advance
  • Rent period 2 Years
  • Location Alba Area
  • Price7,750 BHD

A forty-five-room labour-camp for rent in Bahrain south zone.

Forty-five-room labour-camp rent near the ALBA factory in Bahrain. New labour-accommodation rental. labour-camp with AC (Air conditioner) in each room. This accommodation is with forty-two toilets cum showers and three kitchens as well. Minimum 225-workers camp.

Labour-accommodation rental for a minimum of 225 workers. 

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Forty-five-room labour-camp in low rent.

Indeed, this is a low-rent labour-camp. This accommodation rent is just Bahrain Dinar 7750 per month. One room costs BHD 172/- per month. 

Payment terms: First three months rent to pay in advance as a first-quarter rent. Besides, nine months cheque has to pay as post-dated cheques.

Also, expecting the lease period as two years as well.

Labour-camp with AC and facilities.

This labour-accommodation is with 45 rooms. Also, all the rooms are with AC (Air conditioners) as well. The room-size is 7.5 x 3.15 meters.

Besides, there have 42 toilets and showers. That is to say, that each floor is with 15 rooms and 14 toilets and showers. In addition, there have three large kitchens as well. Each kitchen size is 5.50 x 7.50 meters.

In conclusion, this modern forty-five-room labour-camp is good for a minimum of 225 workers and of course, it is a good offer as well. 

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  • Accommodation near Highway
  • forty five rooms accommodation
  • forty-two toilets-showers
  • Labour camp in industrial area
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  • Near Public transport terminal
  • Near shops and service centers


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