Bahrain Restaurant rent. Seafront restaurant in Seef


  • Property ID BH-4117
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Restaurant
  • Property Terms First 3 months advance
  • Rent period 2 Years
  • Location Seef
  • Address

  • PriceTBA

Seafront restaurants for rent.

Bahrain restaurant rent. Indeed, this seafront restaurant complex in Bahrain is an exciting new development which is a rare concept in all GCC belts. A sustainable design blending with the panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. This is part of a wide city creation inside the City Marina. That is to say that a place for leisure | lifestyle | food | beverage and entertainment. Be rush! The opening of this new Marina City is soon!

Bahrain restaurant rent.

Restaurant rent in a new restaurant complex at Seef in Bahrain. A rare option to rent a branded restaurant space in Bahrain.

Total four restaurant complexes which all are looking over to the open sea. Each restaurant has a ground floor and mezzanine floor. Moreover, there has a front veranda | a seaside walking path | a garden | a wide parking lot and much more. In addition, there has a public gathering area. Indeed this area is used for public functions just like music concerts and other events. That is to say that a calendar of events in a year.

What is the restaurant rent area?

Certainly, there have choices of small restaurant spaces and large restaurant spaces as well. However, the minimum restaurant space is 150 square meters. Also, there has 350 Sqr/Mtr restaurant space as well. In fact, it is just a choice, how much space has to rent?

What is the seafront restaurant rent per month?

Seafront restaurant rent is just Bahrain Dinar 15 per square meter per month. Certainly, the best offer in Marina as well.

How to rent a restaurant in Bahrain?

Renting a restaurant in Bahrain is quite simple now. Make a rent agreement with the landlord. Of course, the lease should be in the name which is mentioned in the trade license. However, if the license is not ready, the deed may have to write in the personal name. Indeed this deed can change to the company name later. In between, it is common in Bahrain that the first three months of rent have to pay in advance. Later payments have to fix as per the interest of both the landlord and the tenant.

In conclusion, we put forward this offer as a rare chance to open a prestigious outlet in Bahrain. And of course for a prosperous business ahead!

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  • Entertainment area
  • Kids play area
  • large parking
  • Mezzanine floor with sea view
  • Near City Center
  • Near Seef mall
  • Panoramic sea view
  • seafront restaurants
  • Seaside benches
  • Seaside jogging area



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