Workshop rent at Hidd in Bahrain


  • Property ID BH-2148
  • For Rent / Sale Rent
  • Property Type Warehouse Rent
  • Property Terms First 3 months rent advance
  • Rent period 1 Year
  • Location Hidd
  • Building Unit squareMeter
  • Price700 BHD

Workshop and storage space rent at Hidd in Bahrain.

Bahrain workshop rent. Total area of this light industry complex is 2660 square meter. The minimum renting area is 190 square meters.

Although it is a light industry space it may have to use for general storage, food storage, food process unit center and fabrication works.

Rent details.

The rent is Bahrain Dinar 700 and 750 per month. The rent difference is because of the front side workshop rent rate is more than the backside workshop space rent.

Also has to consider the power load. The average power load is 30 KVA for each unit. However the total power is 420 KVA.

The approximate height of the warehouse shed is 10 meter and the doors are in 4.5 x 8.5 meters. One store is in 14.8 x 12.85 meter.

This light industry space is mainly focussing for workshops.  For example fabrication units and workshops.

Hence food storage and food units are approving here.

Moreover this industrial space is close to the Bahrain seaport which is a good sign for importers and exporters.

Because of the above reason this storage space may be a best choice for Workshop, storage, fabrication and food unit.

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  • 24 hours security
  • 3 phase power
  • 40 feet container access
  • close to seaport
  • option for mezzanine floor
  • option for office
  • shed 8 meter height



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